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Things that might change your mind to become a professional poker player

See some factors that might dissuade you to become a professional idn poker player. Consider whether it would really worth it for you to quit your job in the name of regular poker career.

We believe that everyone, who’s more active in playing poker, not only for fun, but to earn extra cash, has at least once dreamed of quitting job and becoming a real poker pro. But becoming a professional gambler, including a professional poker player, is definitely not for everyone. There are things you will face in this “professional occupation” that might disappoint you. There are even things that might look to you worse than being in the office from 9 to 18 o’clock from Monday to Friday.

This is why we always recommend poker enthusiasts not to quit their job once they just got the idea to open an account in idn poker website and forget about normal working time forever. Instead, it is better to see what’s coming for you. If you love it, you can change your life. But if you don’t love the following things, professional poker player might not be exactly your vocation:

  1. Please, be aware that the working time is flexible. This might sound to you fantastic and motivate you to plan your vacation in the last minute to grab the best budget-friendly offer from now on, but before you get so happy, wait for a second. By flexible working time we mean absolutely all nights sleepless and getting up early in the morning after such a night for an important tournament. Are you ready for such a compromise?
  2. Speaking of flexible working time, note that if you get a task in the office, you will in most cases not be forced to sit there until you finish it. On the other side, in poker, you cannot leave the table (if you want to be a successful player, of course) until the tournament is over. You need to know that some poker events seem like endless. You can never know how many sessions there will be in a cash game, but you know your standard working time.
  3. No one is responsible for your mistakes and bad fortune in poker. In the office, you might have at least one good colleague who will cover you. In the most positive case you will have a boss who will understand if this is not your day and will send someone else on that important meeting. In poker, it’s all up to you. There are no substitutes. And if you miss a chance, you miss your salary.
  4. Poker is actually more of business rather than a regular job. In your regular job you don’t invest anything. If your boss wants you to become more qualified, he or she will send you on a special course to improve your skills. In poker, you make investments every day in order to reach a decent monthly salary. Those bets are paid with real money in poker, while in the office you can be always covered by the firm!

So what do you think? Do you dare to become a professional poker player! Well, good for you then, you are ready!

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