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Predictions about the Canadian iGaming market

See what you might soon expect to happen in the Canadian iGaming market. Check out the predictions for the local casinos.

When it comes to gambling, Canada might look like a very weird and strange player in the market. In some aspects, Canada is very restrictive, while in others – it’s determined as the heaven on earth for all gambling lovers. You might have suggestions about these aspects. The national government is very strict for online Canadian operators by not allowing them to exist at all, while the states do everything possible to satisfy the customer – even granting him or her with no tax fees per a single win.

After the legislation of some specific areas in the country where new platforms for Canadian iGaming market can be established we have started looking ahead for the Canadian casino growth. By all means, this is not the end for Canada. The country is loved by the foreign gamblers and they will keep visit it, but it’s also full of locals who will not give up on betting and playing despite of the restrictions. So is it going to be – a bright future or worsening of the situation?

Here are some predictions about the future of the Canadian iGaming market kindly given to us from experts in the field (Canadian and international):

  1. There’s a slight hope that apart from Kahnawake there will be more regions on the Canadian territory where gambling enthusiasts would be able to register new operators. Why do the experts predict such a happy ending for the Canadian iGaming market? It’s because the growth of the local users have been increasing dramatically fast. One they, the government might realize that it’s losing money from this trend and by giving the foreign operators to get the revenue.
  2. Sport betting has been expected to be finally legalized. Although the Canadian sport lovers are possible to place sport bets in foreign bookies, they cannot do that in a Canada-based website or physical shop. Currently, there’s been a tendency according to which about 45% of the regular visitors in hockey events – the most popular sport discipline in the country – try sport betting and they love it.
  3. The latest innovations will eventually hit this market, too. Today, we can see beautiful Canadian online gambling houses, but since they are limited in a geographic manner, they also suffer from good specialists who can introduce some of the best iGaming tools like live casino games, virtual reality and many more. Eventually, remote work or full online iGaming legalization in the Canadian market will correct this lack of experts.
  4. No one predicts for the tax-free fairy tale to end. And it’s definitely a good thing Canadian gambling market can brag about. Moreover – it’s the trump-card that has been putting the Canadian iGaming market at the top of the chart of the best places to play casino games. We bet you will agree with that.

What about you? Don’t hesitate to share your own prediction for the future of the Canadian gambling world, especially if you have already gained some experience in it.

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