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Reasons To Prefer Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are an intelligent way to cut off certain avaricious bookies so that you can solely bet against other gamblers.

You will always prefer to cut out greedy bookies and bet entirely with other gamblers. That is where comes the betting exchange. It is always better to use these exchanges rather than benefit the bookies. This article will only be about this specific topic and its importance to gamblers.

Advantages of Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges have already proven their worth and held a powerful hold in the betting industry for the last decade. It is not just a nominal exchange but an essential component of today’s online betting world. The reasons are:

There are No such Limitations

Betting exchanges always favor winning as they don’t lose any money like the bookies. On winning, you will get your reward, and they will receive their cut. On the contrary, bookies will set a limit for you. You don’t want to limit your betting amount set by others. Hence, the exchanges allow you to play on your limit and capacity and gamble on amounts set by other gamblers on the table.

Working on a Commission Basis

Betting exchanges take a commission, while bookies always have margins. It is a bit complicated. Let us understand by an example. Assume you’ve won a bet. Then you must pay a 5-percentage-point commission. The main difference between bookies and exchanges is that they will take a 5% margin on your win. So you will have a majority of the winning amount if you give a 5% commission to the exchanges.

Advantage on Huge Bets

If you are willing to play on huge bets, the betting exchanges are a better platform than bookies as they are too shy to accept on an exchange.

Why are Exchanges not that popular?

Drawback on Publicity

There is no such advertisement on betting exchanges. On the other hand, there are numerous advertisements for bookmakers. Moreover, you need to understand the market and the concept of betting exchanges. Hence, gamblers try out simpler bookies where you don’t need to know more.

Not Available in many Countries

Though gambling is popular all over the globe, there are still certain countries where these betting exchanges are not preferable. In some countries, they haven’t got permission. Hence, keeping this in mind, you will get bookies in almost every part of the world. The market availability for exchanges is not colossal. You will definitely try to bet on odds with a large market. Unfortunately, exchanges do not have enough market as compared to bookies.


In a nutshell, Betting exchanges are a great way to save and cut off all ties with greedy bookies. Though it is not popular that much, it is still a great way to safeguard your winning amount and cut off the greedy bookies in between.

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