Top online slot myths

Top online slot myths that keep you making mistakes everyday

Discover the worst misconceptions about the slots in online gambling sites. See why these myths might be ruining your activity and your account balance every time without even you to understand them.

It’s weird that the more popular slots in online gambling sites become, the more myths about them hit the internet. Every day we read some really strange statements about this concrete game genre. But what is even more surprising that even some of the top experienced players bite these lies.

The idea of the negative side of a myth is that it can be dangerous to your experience and to your wallet. One day you will find yourself broke and the reason for such a collapse might be just one stupid myth. But instead of hoping this is not going to face you, let’s instead debunk all of those online slot misconceptions that keep you doing the right thing in the casino:

  1. There is no such a thing as being due to a win. Remember, guys, slot machine experience is about two main things. First, it’s about being strict in your financial management system. And second, it’s about being lucky. Just because nobody hasn’t taken the jackpot for a long time at the slot machine you are standing right now, it doesn’t mean you will be the winner.
  2. Playing a slot machine is not like playing a video poker. These two games are completely different gambling products. They require different strategies and they have different rules. If you like poker or slot machines, indeed, diversifying your activity with some video poker is indeed ok. However, you need to switch to the new activity with a new strategy.
  3. It’s all about hitting the button for the max bet if you want to win in a slot machine experience. Many experts keep telling the newbies that this is the way they will get the huge progressive jackpots. Ok, first of all, let’s make it straight: playing a classical slot shouldn’t be in the same style as you would play a progressive slot. And second of all, how exactly can you win if you 10 times hit the max bet and you lose everything you have? No, guys, there is more than just hitting the max bet button.

It is high time for you to stop considering these misconceptions about slot machines as true. It is high time to build up some new strategy which is not due to these lies. Now, you might even become richer. Who knows? Let’s make a try! Test your slot machine skills by playing them in your favorite online gambling sites without considering these myths as true! Share with us your experience and results later. We are sure they are going to be better than today!

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