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Rules to Play and Win Dominoqq from a Trusted Site

Now that everyone is caught up by the thrill of Dominoqq game, you too might want to try it out. Just like how you must only bet on casino slot games from the trusted casino sites, the same rule applies for playing Dominoqq. There are a plethora of Indonesian and Malaysian sites offering the game. Take time to research and pick the trusted Dominoqq agent only. However, there are certain do’s for you to enjoy the game and have a memorable time playing the game online.

Rules to Remember and Try Out

The next time you log in to a site for playing the Dominoqq game, follow these rules.

  • Check the Cards: There is a total of 28 number cards. There are six sets of games to play.
  • Maximum Number of Players: Around 5 people can play the game at a time. The cards are distributed from left to right around the table.
  • Categories of Cards: There are seven cards in the zero-dot series. There is a one-dot series having six cards in it. There are five cards in the 2-dot series. There are 4 cards in the 3-dot series. There are three cards in the 4-dot series. There are two cards in the 5-dot series. One card has six dots either on the upper or lower side.
  • Basic Rule: You will get two cards; the sum total of the dots in all these two cards is nine. Once you get nine, or Double 9, you are a winner. Various such cards and dot combinations fetches you points.
  • Other Special Cards: You can look forward to getting anything from Small series, Big series, and even the Twin Series. The Twin Series also has the power to fetch you great points. You are a winner if other player does not have cards of higher value.
  • 6-God: This is the highest and a winning combination and once you get it, you can rest assured your win.

You can check the cards and either fold or bet as per your convenience. Bet and raise the bet value in the first round only. Once they fold the cards, they will not be in the game.

There are more such rules to learn when you start playing at the trusted Dominoqq agent site.

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