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Speedy Secrets of Casinos an A-z Guide

Casinos are houses that use simple tricks effectively to have punters stay and spend more when gambling. Simple methods like having ambient lighting to make players feel more at home and relaxed.

As a casino site committed to having punters come in, spend, win or lose somewhat, we saw it fit to share with you some of the secrets casinos keep to themselves in the way of stacking the odds in their favor.

Hopefully, you will use the insights mentioned below to your advantage the next time you visit a Baccarat site or any other Casino site.

The House edge Is The Holly of Hollies

Unlike the widespread belief that all games played are rigged, all games are unequal. To know how to play and win the coveted house edge, it’s up to you to take time to discover which type of casino games suit your playing style.

Use this time to learn and try out strategies that will work for you. The more you observe, learn and take risks, the higher the chances of winning big!

Just put it this way; if a game is easy to play, chances of winning are not favorable for you. If you find it hard to play a casino game, your winning odds are much better…

Slots Picking

Again, every slot has its gameplay, you will have to discover the ones giving you better odds. If you are a simpleton, more straightforward slots that look like they belong in the 1980s and 90s are your best bet.

However, if you feel you deserve a huge payday, flashier more sophisticated and modern machines are your best bet. Learn how to beat the system and break the bank!

Timeless Spaces

Ever been in a landbased casino? Next time you enter one, keep a lookout for windows and clocks. A majority of these casinos have no such things, why? Because they want you to continue playing without thinking about leaving.

By denying you visual clues, you will play uninterrupted and continue spending, a win for the house!

Ambient Lighting

In many land-based casinos, the lighting pouring through the spaces mimics that of home. The brightness, warmth and subtle color emitting from the lights make you want to stay longer since its a relaxing zone.

Hacking It At The Casino

Whenever you stroll into a brick and mortar casino, stay away from free drinks, and avoid imbibing. The more you drink, the more your judgment gets impaired. You will stop making rational bets and start placing bets based on your emotions.

Drinking for most spoils their winning streak, but if you are more alert and rational when drunk, go for it!

Setting Limits

A smart trick is to set a limit on the amount to win before you stop betting.

If you win an additional $20-$100 above the bankroll, stop and go home, you’ve overshot your target and won. By choosing to stay, your bankroll will be drained entirely, remember the odds always favor the house.

Cash Play

Only If you can’t stop yourself from swiping your card during a losing streak, then consider leaving behind your credit/debit cards. Carry a considerable amount in cash that you will gamble with. If you lose it all, you will not be carried away to try your luck.

Basic Strategy

Whenever you’re playing blackjack, rely on basic strategy. When you master this, you can loop in betting strategy to increase your winnings.


These are simple, but useful speedy secrets of casinos use to make sure the house always wins. By mastering and using them to your advantage, you will have the upper hand.

Next time you are visiting a Baccarat site or any casino site, make sure you familiarize yourself with killer strategies that will help you gain betting profits.

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