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Top things you should know about a poker provider before you make a registration

These are the things to get aware of before registering in a website like pokerace99. Make sure to fit your poker platform selection with the following factors for reliability.

When was the last time you opened a new account in a poker website? If it was long time ago you might have forgotten the top essential factors when it comes to choosing one. As a matter of fact, it’s very important to be confident about your new account and mostly to feel your newest poker provider reliable enough to entrust it your personal data and funds.

Today, we are going to make a quick friendly reminder for you. We present you our list with the top things you should know about a poker provider before you open an account there:

  1. Know its location, origin, license availability and if it’s regulated. These factors determine the safety and the security of the poker website. Don’t provide any personal data to a website for poker games that don’t show any information about these factors.
  2. Know what bonuses it offers. Some players think that a poker website has only one promotion and it refers to newly opened accounts. As a matter of fact, only the poor poker providers have a bonus for new customers with which they end their bonus systems. The generous, which means the advanced and the reliable betting houses have more promotions (at least two).
  3. Make sure to be aware of the payment methods available in the website for poker games. There are players who claim that the information about payment methods comes after the registration is completed and a deposit is about to be made. There’s no such a thing. You can receive this information in advance – without being the company’s official customer. Let us prove it to you. Open pokerace99. Check out the bottom of the website. Do you see the payment methods? Yes, you do.
  4. Know the specific poker games available at the website. If you are a Texas Hold Em lover you will find the game in 99% of the fully poker-related platforms. However, if you are keener in video poker games, there’s a huge possibility to discover such products in online casinos of any types. Some companies even tend to list the video poker games alongside with the online slots. Let us remind you why – the video poker games are actually very similar to the slots. The difference is that the video poker games always get the higher RTP (they are with the highest RTP in online casino world, actually) – nearly 98%.
  5. Last but not least get information about the poker reputation. The more the website is mentioned in the web, the more players have tried it, which means that it’s tested, including from pros in the field. Don’t get in the trap to play only in the leading poker websites. Usually, they are indeed reputable and safe, but they are filled in with lots of pros that are tough to be defeated.

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