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5 Tips For Creating A Casino Strategy

Whether you’re walking into a traditional brick & mortar casino or logging into your favorite online casino, having a strategy is important for your success. Walking blindly into any casino without a clear plan on how to increase your bankroll increases the chances that you’ll do the opposite.

There is no set strategy that works for everyone, but there are some things we all must consider when planning our casino strategy. Figure out the specifics for you—and stick to them—and you will be one step closer to leaving the casino with more money than you had when you started.

Don’t Overbet The Bankroll
We all step into or log onto our favorite casino for the money. We want to win lots and lots of money, preferably before we’ve lost too much, right?

Then the first tip for creating a casino strategy is to decide how much you can afford to lose in a day and then work like crazy so you don’t exceed that amount. But just as important is that you set realistic goals about what you can and cannot afford to lose. This isn’t about posturing for other players; this about being able to play—and win—tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

If you’re close to overbetting your bankroll, take a break to reassess and tweak your gaming strategy.

Avoid Playing Emotionally
Losing sucks. But it is something every casino gamer must endure at some point in time. Some of those losses will make your head spin, which can affect your ability to play. In poker it’s called going on tilt but it stands for any casino game. When you get so upset about a loss that your emotions, rather than strategy are controlling your play that is a recipe for empty pockets.

If you are so angry that you can’t see straight or all you can think of getting revenge on an opponent or the dealer you really need to take a step back or risk losing BIG.

Figure Out Your Strengths
When it comes to creating a casino strategy you should always think about where your strengths lie. If you’re not good at reading people then you might want to steer clear of a game like poker, but if you’re good at remember odds and numbers make you glow, blackjack or craps may be just the games for you.

Don’t automatically rush to the games that offer the biggest win. As tempting as that strategy is, it won’t do you any good if your strengths can’t help you succeed.

Know Your Games
A key component to any casino strategy is rules. We all hate rules until it’s time to sit down at a gaming table. The biggest edge you can have at any table is knowing the rules of the game. If you know what the goal of the game is and how to play it, then you probably have a strategy or two that can help you win that game.

If you don’t know the rules of a game, don’t play it until you do.

Know When To Fold’em
All good casino gamers know when it’s time to call it a day. If you’ve won very few hands all day or you’re close to losing your daily bankroll, it might be time to end the day and try again tomorrow. When you can’t control your emotions or you are playing on ‘gut instinct’ rather than strategy, you probably need to go home and brush up on your game play.

Creating a casino strategy doesn’t mean you need to have a set of rules taped to your laptop as you play (although it couldn’t hurt) but it means you have to be able to keep the promises you make to yourself. No one else is likely to hold you responsible, so that duty falls to you.

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