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Is IDN Poker Network Coming Back?

IDN Poker Network is coming back. A few skins are already live. The others are expected to be live soon.

IDN Poker Network has already made a comeback. It was never really down or unavailable. Those who are aware of how the world of online casinos and such networks work know that IDN Poker skins and mirror sites were largely blocked by facilitating platforms. Many independent and third party platforms host the skins and mirror sites of IDN Poker. These are not directly owned or in any way affiliated with the network. There are transactional associations but the firms and their operations are independent of one another.

Many of these platforms blacklisted IDN Poker due to several issues. These issues were reported and IDN Poker Network responded with adequate measures. Some of the skins of IDN Poker are now available on these platforms. The others will be back in a short span of time. That remains the widespread expectation of market experts and those watching the developments.

IDN Poker was the largest network in Asia when it was blacklisted by many sites. It continues to be the second largest such network in the world. One of the issues that were flagged by many platforms was super users. The platforms also reported house players and bots. The presence of bots, house players and super users tarnished the reputations of many skins. For a while, IDN Poker network sites did not respond to these claims and they were later found to be true. By the time IDN responded to the reports and promised to take action, plenty of sites were already blacklisted and hence unavailable for the larger audience around the world.

Some platforms are now adding the skins back to their inventory of sites. Very few skins have been removed from the blacklists. It is uncertain when most of the skins will be back live on these platforms but most people expect that to happen in due course of time. There are still some issues being raised about the security and how fairly the games are being conducted. Most platforms that have allowed the network skins to be back and live report being satisfied with the changes made. Independent assessments have found the random number generator and other systems to be genuine and fair. IDN Poker has taken steps against collusion, by house players or other participants. The network is doing its bit to fix all issues and most of the affiliates poker sites should be back in the next few weeks.

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